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    endless loop at startup



      endless loop at startup


      I had a script with an endless loop that I modified and the problem went away.

      I then included that script as part of a startup script.

      Upon restarting I found that I am in an endless loop that I can't find a way out of so that I can make changes.

      I have a older version but would hate to go back and repeat hours of work to get to where the latest version was.

      Any ideas?

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               Unless Allow User Abort has been used to disable this option, press Esc ( windows ) or command period (macs) to abort the looping script. With the script aborted, you can then edit the script to fix the issue.

               If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can enable the script debugger while the script is looping and use the red X in the debugger to halt the script. This will work even if user aborts have been disabled.

               If this option has been disabled and you don't have advanced, you will need to first force quit fileMaker to halt the loop. Then you'll need a way to open this file without automatically performing this script. You can do that by creating a small new file and creating a script in it that uses Perform Script to perform a script in the original file. Just select some other script besides the infinitely looping script and this will open the file in the back ground and you will be able to select the file from the Windows menu. (It may be hidden inside the Show sub menu.)


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                 You should post the script so one of us can find the error.

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                   Phil, thanks!

                   I didn't know about using cmd period to abort. I couldn't find anything online. I tried a number of combination, some using esc. This info will come in handy in the future.

                   I have removed the startup script..



                   I can get along without the script for now. I may return later for advise on finding the problem and improving my scripting skills. Thanks.

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                          I couldn't find anything online.

                     If you select Help from the Help menu, you can search by Shortcuts and find three articles:

                     Text Keyboard Shortcuts
                     Mode Keyboard Shortcuts
                     General Keyboard Shortcuts

                     for OS X.

                     Command period is the second shortcut listed under General Keyboard Shortcuts. wink

                     The same three articles are listed for windows users and I may just sit down and review them sometime soon. A brief glance tells me that there are more potentially useful shortcuts than I knew about.