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Deduplicate records and select series

Question asked by lijnbach on Aug 17, 2014
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Deduplicate records and select series


Hello everybody,


I developed a solutions for schools with some advanced function, it all works fine (also thanks to PhilModJunk).


Now I am facing two problems, in relation to the same mail function.


The first one is that all the children have a mail address. The older children, above 16 years, have their own mail address. But for the younger children, the mail address of the parents is used. But there are parents with two or three children at the same school. I don’t want the parents to get the same mail two or three times.


Is there someone who has a smooth solution to “deduplicate” records with the same mail address?


The second problem is that the Internet provider does not allow more than 50 addresses in one mail. Sometimes the school has to send over 400 mails to the children (or their parents). So I have to cut the a mail with 400 addresses in 8 pieces.


Can someone help me out with these issues? (I have a solution, with all kind of calculations, but it is not working smoothly and it is not user friendly).


Thanks in advance,


Hans Lijnbach.