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    Monthly sales figures



      Monthly sales figures


      Hello Again – I hope I have an interesting problem that you can help me solve.

      As usual the reason for the problem is my ignorance & twenty plus years of using another program.

      Anyway – here is what I want to do – but can’t with my current skill level…

      I review end of month sales figures from six depots across the UK – each with around 1,000 to 8,000 account holders.

      At month end I am supplied with an excel spread sheet showing all account ref codes & the end of month sales figures for each account at each depot.

      So – for example if I find all the accounts for depot A & then sort them A to Z in filemaker (this I can do this bit) – I can then open the depot A spreadsheet – again sort accounts A to Z – then highlight the sales figures, copy them & then paste them into the next column to the acc ref in filemaker.

      The problem is – it drops all the figures into the first cell of the column & not each value into each cell in the column.

      Can anyone help on this one???

      Thanks as always,


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          Don't you want to add a new record for each month's sales figures for a given account?

          Then you would just use Import records to import all of the data from the spread sheet.

          You'd use a related table of accounts to match account records to sales figures for cases where you want to see things like yearly totals for a given account.