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Lost Data

Question asked by TKnTexas on Aug 12, 2015
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Lost Data


I am a little confused about something.  I work with multiple files open.  Some are extensive and some minor.  I usually leave these open all of the time.  But, last night Window updates were pushed out to the users, which rebooted my computer.  FileMaker files were not closed correctly.


In the simplest file, my timecard; records from 8/7 to yesterday 8/11 were gone.  Given that I clocked out at 17:30 on 8/11 I would have thought the records would all be "written" to the file.  With that many records lost, I am now concerned about my other files, which have additions and changes that I cannot trace back.


I am going to confirm with our Data Center that updates will only be on Tuesdays, and then close them all down.  But it seems odd.


I would appreciate comments.