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Non Expert needs Help -- linking multiple records in one table to another

Question asked by MeganHall on Jan 28, 2013
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Non Expert needs Help -- linking multiple records in one table to another


     Hi there,

     To start out, I am trying to self teach myself Filemaker Pro 11.  I purchased "The Missing Manual" and have scoured websites, forums, and You-Tube.  I'm hoping my answer is out there -- I may just not know the key search words to define my question.  Any help from any kind souls out there would be greatly appreciated.

     My issue:  I work for an A/V contractor and we want to be able to create a work spreadsheet with a list of parts needed along with the manufacturer and cost to include when we send a quote out to customers.  I want to create a system where I can have one database (or table if you think that is smarter) for Parts.  Fields in this table would include Part #, Part Name, Description, Cost, and Date the price was last updated.  

     In a separate Table/Database, I want to create a form that lists the client's name, address, quote number, etc.  But then I want to be able to access the Parts table to impute all the equipment needed for the job.  The form should have enough room for 50 lines of parts/equipment.  

     Is there a way to do this?  I know I must be missing a step because when I try to do a portal, I can only seem to get one part number and corresponding info for that part.  If I try to do a second, it duplicates the first part number.  The same is true when I tried to do a Dynamic menu/Value List. 

     Thanks again for any ideas, assistance!