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    non interactive containers



      non interactive containers


           Hey Guys,

           Is there a way in filemaker pro 12 (v4) to make a container wich is not interactive?
           I have a table with clients, and for each client there is a container field where the contract with this specific client can be stored. What i would like is that this field just holds the pdf file and when i want to view this file just double click the container field. Is there a way to do this? because what i have now is a field wich is to small to really view the pfd in detail, and double clicking the field does nothing.

           im working an a Mac os X machine with adobe installed.

           thanx in advance

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               With the help of Google (And fmforums.com) i found the solution for my problem
               I will post it here so it may be helpfull to others

               To make a container field wich opens a embedded pdf file with one click on the file:
               Make the container non interactive (layout modus; Optimize for images)

               Make a script: (I dont know if I have all the script functions correct because i translated them from Dutch)
               Set Variable [$Temp; Value:Get (TemporaryPath)&"Temp.pdf"]
               Export [ your container field; "$Temp"; Open Automatically] 
               Make the field a button which executes the script

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                 This is a solution oft discussed in this forum as well...

                 If you use insert file with "store a reference" enabled to insert the PDF into a container field, you would also be able to open the PDF file by double clicking the container field. This results in a different appearance in the container field and requires "store a reference", so you may want to keep things as you now have them.