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non-modal window/layout

Question asked by Roger_1 on May 25, 2012


non-modal window/layout


I bet you guys get really bored when someone new purchases Filemaker and has lots of newbe questions but here goes and thanks for your understanding.


I would like to create a window/layout that can show field in a my database but this window/layout and my main window/layout will need to be displayed at the same time. I will be use drag and drop from this window to the main window text from a portal.

I can make the new window/layout and I can get the protal to display what I want on it but how do I get it to float on the same area and be and be able to move it around while the main screen is also active. I think this is called non modal type window/layout.

 Figured it out

I am using Filemaker Pro version 12