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Non-Server Best Backup Practice?

Question asked by BillBoyd on Jul 11, 2012
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Non-Server Best Backup Practice?


Later this month I'll be setting up a small office with several Macs for a client.  One Mac will be running FileMaker Pro (not server) and sharing the database with the other Macs using "Instant Web Publishing".  (If the office grows enough, I realize that it will need to switch to FileMaker Pro Server.)  The database is an instance of the "Business Productivity Solution - Services Edition", with the six FileMaker files each split into logic and data files.

I'm looking for advice on a best backup practice.  The command File > "Save A Copy As" doesn't seem suitable.  For one thing, it only backs up one file at a time.  I suppose I could write a script to back up each of the six files.  But what about the "data" portions of those databases?  "Save A Copy As" doesn't seem to deal with those.

My current plan is to have the user shut down the database at the end of the day and do a Finder copy of the folder containing the database files to a flash drive, then take the flash drive home.  Is this approach the most reasonable?  Are there better approaches?

Thanks for any advice.