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Non-stored data entry fields

Question asked by blackgryphon on Jan 18, 2009
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Non-stored data entry fields


I am evaluating FileMaker Pro for a library catalog application and would like to know if it possible to have data entry boxes on a form whose values aren't stored in the database. These would be used to look up a code from another table; only the code should be stored.  


Can this be done? If so, how? Example: Three tables (work, a creative work identified by an author/title pair; book, an instance of a work; author, an authority list of author names.) The problem begins when entering a book. Assuming the users enters the author name and title, what is needed to look them up in the work table to retrieve a code representing the work? If the work doesn't exist, a record must be created and a work number returned; if the work exists, then it should just return the work number. However, it isn't quite that simple: If the work doesn't exist, the user should be shown a list of titles by that author; this is to help detect typographic errors. Ideally the user should be able to double click on a work to transfer it to the data entry form or indicate that a new work should be created (clicking a button). But before that, if the author doesn't exist in the author table, the user should see a list of authors whose names start with the first two letters and either choose one from the list or create a new record if desired. (These are two referential integrity checks...) 


Does this make sense?