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Noob - How to create a from from query/report

Question asked by MichaelMeyer on Mar 12, 2012
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Noob - How to create a from from query/report


Hi Guys

I am a noob to FMP, but hoping some people might be able to give me a hand with some pointers. I have created a multi table DB easily enough. Three Tables

Schedule - ID, Date, Resource, Customer

Customer - ID, Customer Name

Resource - ID, Resource Name

Relationships all setup and seem to be OK - One  to Many

I want to create a view/form where I cen enter a date and then present a weeks worth of data in a table

Row = Date

Column = Resource, Customer

If a field is blank for the designated week or no data, the form would facilitate entering data and view allocations.


I have no idea really where to look, I am an old MS Access person who probably would have used a query to generate a form, but since learning some basics of FMP, I have no idea which direction I need to head.

I hope I have been able to convey enough information, any assistance is appreciated.