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    Noob Needs Help With Portal



      Noob Needs Help With Portal


      I'm such a noob I can't even figure out what terms to search for so forgive me if this has been answered a billion times. Here goes: I have a table with people listed and dates. On a certain date these people will be asked a list of questions. This will be repeated periodically on different dates.

      I want to make a table of questions. There are a lot of questions so I don't want the questions to be the fields. I need a form, or portal, or something, to open showing all of the questions and then also have a field for the answer. So far I've learned to make drop down lists and pop ups but that's not what i want.

      I hope I'm clear, if not please ask and I'll try to clarify. Any help is much appreciated!

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          Sounds like a survey type database. The first part is that you need more tables with relationships that link them together properly.

          See if this thread, created today, answers your questions: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.

          Feel free to post follow up question to better understand how to do this.

          (Please read the thread I've linked this post to before reading further...)

          As far as layout design goes, you could set up a portal of questions and answers by using the Reponses table for the portal. You can also set up a list view layout based on responses for collecting the Respondant's answers to your questions.

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            Thank you for such a quick response! It looks like my relationships were actually OK. Where i hit a snag was that I had no idea I would need a script to generate some sort of initial response to each question to get them to show up. I thought there might be a relationship or a join that would do this somehow. Looks like I need to learn the script language.