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Noob Needs Help With Portal

Question asked by RichardGlenn on Dec 20, 2011
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Noob Needs Help With Portal


I'm such a noob I can't even figure out what terms to search for so forgive me if this has been answered a billion times. Here goes: I have a table with people listed and dates. On a certain date these people will be asked a list of questions. This will be repeated periodically on different dates.

I want to make a table of questions. There are a lot of questions so I don't want the questions to be the fields. I need a form, or portal, or something, to open showing all of the questions and then also have a field for the answer. So far I've learned to make drop down lists and pop ups but that's not what i want.

I hope I'm clear, if not please ask and I'll try to clarify. Any help is much appreciated!