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    Noob Question



      Noob Question




      I am a new user to FileMaker and am looking to create tables on my layout like those you can make in MS Word.  Very much like the 'Inserts a New Table' button on the menu presented above when posting to this forum (next to the Paragraph DropList).  The only thing I can see doing now is to place rectangles next to each other and placing my text in those.  It is really an unworkable solution.





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          If you draw a vertical line, highlight it, duplicate it

          the duplicated line is siz pixels down and six to the right

          click the up arrow six times and it will be esactly six pixels to the right of the original

          Clisk and drag it to the right (or use arrows), dupliate again and the duplicate will be the same distance from the second line as the second is from the first.

          Ducplicate as many as needed.

          Do the same for the horizontal lines - making sure the first one touches the first vertical and the last

          Group the lines when done, copy and paste into your graphic element storage layout.

          Literally can be done in two minutes.

          OR make a table in word, screencopy the table (MWSnap?), paste into FMP, lock it, and use it as a template to create the FMP lines.

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            DavidAnders is describing ways to add layout text arrange in a table to your layout.

            If the data in the table is data that you will add to your database by entering data directly into the cells of the table, take a look at table view and list veiw. A table view can arrange your fields into a table like view in seconds--but isn't always the best format for data entry by the typical user. A list view layout can be used to create a table like view of your data, but gives you a few more options in how you design your layout and user interface.

            A portal can also be added to your layout to produce a small table like arrangement of data from a related table in your database.