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    Noob Question about Relationships



      Noob Question about Relationships


      So I am new to Filemaker but have been familiarizing myself with many of the Lynda video files and so forth. I've done well with creating layouts but having some difficulty linking data between the two the way I like. Not sure if it's even possible but I would imagine it is. Here is my dilemma.

      I have 2 main tables right now, Venues and Events. Venues is basically a modified contact management starter solution that just lists various venues around the United States with their address, city, state and all that good stuff. These are potential places that my bands can play.

      My 2nd table is Event Management where I enter in a newly booked show for a particular band. A few of my fields on this layout is venue, city, state, zip. I have linked the "Venue" field in my Events table with the venue name in my "Venues" table.

      I can start typing and it will find matching venues from the list and put it in automatically. This is good but I want it to go the extra mile and when I select a venue from that list I want it to automatically fill in the city, address, states, zip code and other information that is related to that specific venue in my 1st table (venues).

      I apologize in advanced if I didn't explain this properly and if needed I can try to reexplain. I tried to do as much searching on the net before I made this new post so pleats bare with me. Any help would me much appreciated.

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          Why not just put the related venue fields on the Event layout? No need to double up the data. The alternative is to make the fields a lookup of the related values.


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            Thanks for the answer. As I did some more digging yesterday I realized this is probably what I need to do. I made some progress yesterday. I got to the point where I was able to start typing a venue and it was looking up the names from my other table. What I was having trouble doing is having to related venue fields show up once I selected the correct venue.

            But since I know what I need to do I just need to study more on lookup fields which is something I can do on my own time. Thanks for the advice and I will resume from there.

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              Use looked up value fields if you want to preserve a copy of the data that won't change if the data in the look up table is later modified. Put the related table's fields on your layout if you want changes in the related table to automatically update on this layout.