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    Noobie Help



      Noobie Help


           I just started using filemaker pro 11 and I am trying to improve my companys database and I am not sure if what I want to do is possible or if I just dont know the right thing to do. I did some browsing and I think it is possible, there is just so much information that I am not sure if I found the right information...

           So we are a design company and we have over 10k job numbers for past jobs. All formated the same for the most part "ABC - 12345" and so on, we are switching over to just using a numaric job number but we need to be able to search all the old jobs. So is there a way to have a field only display the number part of the old jobs and be able to display the new jobs as well? 

           Thanks any help is much apreaceated,


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               You can create a calculation field that does the following calculation:

               Assuming that your current job number field is called "JobNr"

               Right ( JobNr ; 5 )

               That should give you the 5 right digits from the Job nr. field.

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                 I would also recommend that you NOT use the calculation field nor the original alpha numeric value as your primary key to link this main table to other related records. Use an internally generated value such as an auto-entered serial number or Get ( UUID ) instead. This frees you from future changes to the "official job number" from affecting the function of your database. You can keep that value as a text field in your main table so that you can use it to sort and search out records but changing the value won't affect what records in other tables link to it.