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    Noobie question about setting up tabs



      Noobie question about setting up tabs


      Alright, so I interned at a company who used FileMaker Pro 10. In their database there were tabs all across the top with different labels such as radio, management, bands, retail, etc......


      I would navigate to each tab which would view all the fields and records. You could add and search records within each tab etc..


      Well i bought FMP 11 and am trying to figure out how to do the same set up. I used the contact management template to start adding records, however I want to keep my radio contacts, venue contacts, retail contacts, etc... seperate.


      I hope I am making some sense, please help! Thank You!

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          Those "tabs" were probably buttons that were set to go to various layouts. Each layout is based on a table (technically a Table Occurrence) which you set up via Manage Database.


          I'd advise you to keep all your contacts in one table, though. Separate them using a "Contact Type" field or whatever you want to label it. By assigning each contact a type, you can easily find and sort them (and you can make it happen with buttons that look like tabs).


          Where you'd want to use a different table is when you have a completely different type of entity, such as an invoice or an appointment.


          If that doesn't make sense then I'd recommend you run through some of the tutorial and documentation that comes with FileMaker, look under the FileMaker Help menu; and/or pick up a book such as the Missing Manual.

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            Thank you for the response. I figured I could always add another field regarding the type of contact, retail, bands, promoters etc.... I will look into the button set up,  as It would be nice to be able to search for, lets say, a venue in North Carolina without having to type venue in a field but just having the tab option somewhere at the top to immediately focus my search.


            I just didnt want to get stuck typing in a field like venue, booking, management etc... every time i search for a contact.


            I am very new to FMP 11 so thank you for taking the time to answer my question!