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Noobish Question

Question asked by fleamo on Jan 31, 2010
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Noobish Question


I imagine this is probably a fairly simple thing to accomplish, but I reviewed the FileMaker help file, and after several hours of fudging around, I can't figure it out.


Essentially, I have two tables, called "Clients" and "Dates" (like romantic dates)


The Clients table stores information about every client, and the Dates table stores records of ALL client dates (Client ID, Date of the Date,Who it was with, etc).


While browsing the Clients table, I want to have a tab where I can view JUST the dates that client has been on.


I know I need to set up a table relationship, but other than that I'm pretty lost.


Does anyone have any tips?


I'm using FMP 10 Advanced on XP.