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    Normal Checkbox Support



      Normal Checkbox Support


      Why does Filemaker Pro not support a normal checkbox format where you get just a box that you can check or uncheck with a label why do you have to use Checkbox sets so it displays all the choices in a value list?

      I know you can just close down the field and not see the number one if you only have one value but that is a lot of steps for something so simple that could be just one step like other databases, for example Access.

      Is there a simpler cleaner way I am missing?


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          Not sure what is bugging you...

          usually when I am using checkboxes, for example to flag if an item is "in stock", I create a value list that only contains "In stock"

          then on my layout, I display my table field as checkbox and assign the list value.

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            I totally understand Keith's point.  In every other database I've seen, a single checkbox can be defined from layout-level, just as one can assign a boolean value to numbers from layout level. 

            This request has been made of FileMaker by several developers. 

            However, Mystick, I would never create a value list with "In Stock".  This would mean that we must create a different value list with other flags that we want, such as "Paid" or "Send Confirmation" and so on.  Not only does the additional text take up space (when a single 1 would work) but it means we will have many different value lists.  It is better to create a single 'select' value list with only a 1 and then use this same value list attached to several different flag fields but it is still annoying that it even be necessary.

            It bugs many of us as well, Keith.

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              Mystick, the problem is it shows that list block on the right side and all I want is a check box with the label I assign and define it as boolean which can only be on or off , 1 0r 0 no need for a value list and not need to display the value list. This is not a SET it is just one field with a check or no check.

              Thank you LaRetta, I new I could not be alone in this.