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Not a good start...having ERM difficulties! Blond moment? HELP!!!

Question asked by SoftailDeLuxeGirl on Oct 11, 2012
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Not a good start...having ERM difficulties! Blond moment? HELP!!!


     I'm having a difficult time creating an ERM... not a very good start!!!

     We put on competitions for kid/parent teams across the country. We also give the kids titles when they accomplish certain goals in the 6 different divisions we have setup (divisions are based on performance).

     5 scores in the same division earns the initial title, then 10 more scores earns the next level of the title, 15 earns the next level, and so on.

     We have to keep track of each score. Each time a team participates in a Qualifying round and gets a score, they earn 1 leg towards their title. The kids are sometimes teamed with different adults… sometimes the husband is the other team member, sometimes the wife, sometimes one of the siblings.  Essentially it's the kid that earns the title, but some adults like to know who has the better stats with the child.

     The events are in different cities, and some kids go to just one event per year, and some go to 20.

     The events are anywhere from 1 day to 6 days long. They have a number of qualifying rounds (usually 3-4 per day), building up to the Finals on the last day.

     We also have retail products so it would be nice to track who buys what.

     Essentially, a team could go to an event and participate in 7 qualifying rounds and earn a title, plus 2 legs towards the next level of that title if the scores were in that same division, or if they got a higher or lower score they could have 2 legs in a different division.

     What I can't wrap my head around is getting the whole thing down to the one-to-many relationship, because one kid can attend many events, and one event can be attended by many kids.

     Not sure how to setup my tables?  I think I might be overthinking it so maybe that's why I can't figure the relationships out.  I've been staring at the same piece of paper for hours now, because I can't really go any further.

     Before I watched a training video on relationships, I had a list of tables that were:

     Kids, Parents (or other Helpers) Events/Venues, Titles, Retail

     I'm also wondering if each Event/Venue should have it's own table?


     If you have any insight, please reply!!!