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Not commiting data entry to protect original data

Question asked by JeongwungJeong on Aug 4, 2015
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Not commiting data entry to protect original data


Hello Experts

I made two layouts with same table. One is for "original" and the other layout is for "editing".

To protect original data fields I unselected "browse Mode" at the original layout. And I put an "edit" button to go "editing" layout which has selected "Browse Mode" so that I can edit the data only in "Editing" layout.

But the problem is that the data I changed in "Editing" layout is automatically committed and the data in  "original" layout is changed at the same.

It sounds natural because the fields are eventually one even though the layout is different.

I wonder if there is other way not to commit the data in "editing" layout not to change the original data in "original" layout?

My plan is to put "save" and "cancel" buttons on the "Editing" layout. And the data entry committed only when I click "save" button. 

To solve this problem I make another table for editing and transfer data to the original table. but this is very complicate and time consuming to make other field for edit and develop the script.

I am looking for simpler way. Any good Idea??  Please help.