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Not Printing: FM Not Responding

Question asked by SummitIT on Aug 10, 2015
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Not Printing: FM Not Responding


So, I'm using FM Pro 13 Advanced and just today, this problem started.

I have several layouts set up to print to .pdf files, and now, when I press my scripted .pdf button, FM just gives me the spinning blue circle (in Windows 7) and goes unresponsive.  Any ideas as to what may cause this problem?

I have two databases on the FM server that both run at our two locations.  I can't run my .pdf print buttons on either one.  The regular printing options seem to be running well (at least, none of my users have called to tell me "Filemaker's broke!"), but I'm lost.  

I run the .pdf print buttons to make my life easier when reporting monthly inventory lists to our accountant, but for this month, I had to send screen caps.

There also seem to be some other issues with our excel imports that were never problematic before today (I'm thinking this may be another symptom that could be related).  Some of the fields are not being imported into FM, but I haven't changed any of the scripts.

If you have any suggestions, I really appreciate the help!