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Not quite sure what to do

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Mar 14, 2012
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Not quite sure what to do


Hey guys,


I'm not quite sure what proccess is available to help me with this situation.  I've been writing catalog descriptions for the products the company I work fors new webstore.  Come to find out after 3 months of work, there is a max char count of 240.  The filemaker file I am using is just to keep track of where I'm at with the project and where I write the descriptions, so I can export them out as .XLS inorder to be uploaded to the webstore software.  Anyway, What I'd like to do, is somehow write a script, or build a function somehow that would search through the long_catalogue_description_text and if it exceeds the 240 char count that I cannot exceed for the webstore, it chops off anything over the 240 chars and enough text more at the end to put ", and more."