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Not saving records

Question asked by ChristineSmeath on Jan 9, 2012
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Not saving records



I am running Windows 7 and am using FMP 8.5.  I have a database that was created a number of years ago to store client information.  The database has been working successfully for about 4 years.  This database includes fields such as client name, address, date of birth, last reporting date and next reporting date.  I am having difficulty with the database not saving the updated information as it is entered.  The information looks correct at the time of entering and I can use the database all day and it will remain correct but once I close out and open it again then much the information entered is lost/reverts back to previous information.  The only fields that seem to be an issue are Next Reporting Date, Last Reporting Date and Files Closed date.  I tried to import the records into a new blank version of the database omitting the fields that were causing an issue but then I realized that when I did a search for all active records many were not included in the search and records that have been closed in the previous month were appearing as open.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this issue can be resolved.  We have other employees also using similar versions of the database with no issues.


Thanks for your help!