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    Not saving records



      Not saving records



      I am running Windows 7 and am using FMP 8.5.  I have a database that was created a number of years ago to store client information.  The database has been working successfully for about 4 years.  This database includes fields such as client name, address, date of birth, last reporting date and next reporting date.  I am having difficulty with the database not saving the updated information as it is entered.  The information looks correct at the time of entering and I can use the database all day and it will remain correct but once I close out and open it again then much the information entered is lost/reverts back to previous information.  The only fields that seem to be an issue are Next Reporting Date, Last Reporting Date and Files Closed date.  I tried to import the records into a new blank version of the database omitting the fields that were causing an issue but then I realized that when I did a search for all active records many were not included in the search and records that have been closed in the previous month were appearing as open.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this issue can be resolved.  We have other employees also using similar versions of the database with no issues.


      Thanks for your help!


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          Probably you don't have write permissions to the database. Windows is placing a copy somewhere else. I can't tell you where (Mac user).

          Put the databases in the user's home directory.

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            The file itself may be write protected as well.  Have noticed this happening in windows, especially if the file is copied onto the user's hard drive from a CD.  Find the file and check the properties to make sure it is not write protected.

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               The database does have some premissions set but that is only to prevent changes being made to the layouts.  No changes have been made to it's location on the server or to permissions since the issues began.  It does save some of the information that is being entered but not all.  In some cases it will save the update to the Last Reporting Date field but not the information entered into the Next Reporting date field for the same record.

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                Each of these fields have 'date' in the field name. Are they actually date fields or calculations that return a date value?

                anychance the calculation defined for the field is changing in response to changes in the date returned by your system clock?

                Open Manage | Database | fields and find the field definitions for these fields. Let us know what you find.

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                   Each field name does have the word "date" in the name but they are not a calculation field they are set up as date fields.  Each time a client reports the fields are updated by manually by entering the required dates.  The database is not actually saved on the hard drive of the computer I use but rather in a folder on a server that I access via log on and password. 

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                    Are the fields that do not update all part of a related table?

                    When you open this file, do you open it by launching FileMaker and using the Open Remote option? (Or a script that uses open remote...)

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                      While I have done it for a limited time and not had problems, there are warnings about opening files that reside on a remote drive.  Filemaker files should be run from a local hard drive, so if you want the file on the server it should be running on a copy of filemaker or filemaker server on the server, then you open it remotely as a shared file.

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                         Thanks Mark.  I was wondering if that might be the case.  The other database that has several folks accessing is opened remotely.  I was wondering about accessing it on the local drive and then doing a back up to the server at the end of each day.

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                          If you are the sole user, it's less risky, but a network glitch while you are using the database could still damage your file. It's unlikely to be the explanation here as to why you are seeing data revert back to previous values. FileMaker saves changes automatically, so some other factor is in play here.

                          Opening different copies of the same database file is one possible explanation that has already been suggested.

                          Calculations that update from yours system clock have been suggested and rulled out.

                          I've then suggested that your data could be part of a related table and asked if this is the case. If so, the related record modified in the previous session might not be the related record on display now when you reopen the file.

                          Another possibility is that you have duplicate records and only one of the set of duplicates were updated. If the next user opens the database and pulls up a different copy of the same record, it might not appear to have been properly updated.

                          Keep in mind that we have no idea how you have designed this layout or your database tables and thus can only make very general guesses as to how your data is disappearing on you.

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                             I am the only actual user of the database although others do have access with read only permissions.  There is only one version of the database saved.  It is a very simple database with no scripting or "bells and whistles".

                            I fully understand how difficult it is to answer my question when you have no idea how the database was created.  Is there a way that a blank copy of it could be attached so you can see exactly what I have.

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                              Even "read only" access can corrupt the file. I strongly recommend that you open the file on the server with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker server and then have all users use Open Remote to access the database.

                              You can use Save a copy as.. to save a "clone" (copy with no data) of your file and then uplod that file to a file sharing site. THen post the download link here so that others can download and examine your file. If the issue is that different users are accessing different copies of the same file or that you have duplicate records, we will find nothing wrong with that clone of your database file that explains your issue.

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                                 Thank you everyone for your help.  You are AWESOME.  I really think that the issue has been solved and that the problem was accessing the file from the server without using the open remote option.  I know that there is only the one copy of my database so the multi issue scenario would not be a cause. 


                                PhilModJunk:  If the problem still exists after the changes above are made then I will be sure to upload a "clone" copy to a file sharing site.


                                Thanks again everyone for all your help!!