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Not sure why correct data is not showing in portal

Question asked by yuichim on Mar 28, 2011
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Not sure why correct data is not showing in portal



For some reason, I can't seem to display the correct date in the portal.
I have couple of tables related and wanted to display the correct company name and city but it for some reason, the first record's city is repeating in the portal.

Here is the relationship and data that I have...

I am displaying in the Layout (Users) with OrderItems Portal

Users ---> Accounts ---->Orders-->OrderItems

First, I was pulling the account name and city info directly from the Accounts table when you add a field to display but the data was not showing correctly (repeating the first record), so what I did was : created a calculation field in OrderItems table to get the Accounts:accountName and City.

So, when I display the  OrderItems::AccountName (calculation field), then all records of account name displays correctly, but when I try to display from Accounts::accountName, then it just repeats..... 

All of this is happening in the portal.  

Any idea why this is happning?