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NOTE  user report on SSD running Filemaker Server 10

Question asked by davidanders on Feb 7, 2011
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NOTE  user report on SSD running Filemaker Server 10



After following this SSD thread for a few days, I decided to make the jump      and ordered a 100GB SSD from OWC (the Pro RE edition). I replaced one of      the two 2010 Mini Server 500GB drives saving the other as a split      partition for clone and storage.

This particular mini is a Filemaker 10 Server as well as a Rumpus FTP        host. I didn't need a huge boot drive as the FTP files and FM backups        are on an attached LaCie Big 5 RAID. (FYI, making drive changes inside        the new minis is NOT for the faint of heart).

While true that the boot time is now remarkable (OS X 10.6 server        booting in about 10-15 seconds), the amazing thing is the database. On a        client machine I did a "find test" using our largest table, which has        nearly 1 million records with 40 fields. I did random searches in a name        field using common last names like Smith, Johnson, etc. Search results        of 5000 or more routinely occur instantaneously. There used to be a        lengthy pause moving from one layout to another where there were        multiple self relationship, but the pause is gone. It feels like we        replaced both the server *and* client computers, when all we did was buy        a single $300 part. There is also *no* warm air coming from the back of        the server any longer.