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    Note field script



      Note field script


      This is a follow up question from and earlier post.  In the Filemaker Pro 11 starter solutions there is a template called Contact Management.  Withtin that template there is a note field for entering notes about that contact.  I am looking to modify the "Add a Note" script associated with that button.  The question I have is What script command automatically enters the user name, date and time modification for each new entry?  I am going to re-format the fields and I want to make sure that I don't lose this functionality.

      It is important to us to have the username, date and time modified auto entered for each new note entry.  Thanks.  

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          Follow up questions are best posted in Post A Answer below the original question. Then those that respond can review the entire issue from the beginning when composing an answer to your question...

          user or account names, date and time data are entered automatically from field options set on those fields. Open Manage | database | fields, find the field and double click it to open field options. Then click the auto-enter tab to see what options were specified for that field.

          In a script, you can do much the same thing with the Set field step to set the value returned by different get functions (Get (accountName) , Get ( UserName ) , Get ( currentDate ) ... etc.), but I don't think you need that in this starter solution.