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Question asked by davidanders on Dec 7, 2010




May or may not be useful to Filemaker Users.

Announced today 12/6/10

Can people port an existing database to

Yes. Developers can migrate existing databases to by  either writing migration scripts using our metadata APIs or through 3rd  party migration tools like Informatica Cloud who offers a tool to  automatically migrate on-premise database schemas and data to For more information on Informatica Cloud, see

What is the pricing for will be free to get started. Basic  services, including database access, file storage and automatic  administration, will be available beginning at:

  • Free for 3 users, and up to 100,000 records and 50,000 transactions/month

When will it be available? is currently available as part of’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and offerings.

In 2011 customers will be able to subscribe to as a  stand-alone product. Later in the year the new  administration and development console will be available.


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