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notes in this report

Question asked by BorisKamp on Mar 11, 2015
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notes in this report


Hi guys!

I have this table (See attachment)

I created a new layout (more of a report) to view this data per month and not per property:

  1. I created a new layout based on this table
  3. removed the body part (only header left)
  5. added a Sub-summary by field (leading) part and set the "period" field as break field.      
    1. data entered in the break field is always the first of the month, so 1/1/2015 or 1/2/2015, I then set display to custom -> month and year. This way I created somekind of month picker.


Now I wonder how we can make notes for a month? 

I have no idea how to do this since all this displayed data is a summary, how can I connect a note to one?


Please see this screenshot for my current layout