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Notes portal

Question asked by SimonCarter on Mar 18, 2015
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Notes portal



I am trying to add the notes portal on my database and really struggling with it at the moment.

The notes section only shows a blank box and the "add a note" button does not work at all.

The script that I am using is:

.Set Variable [ $ID_Contact; Value:Company Details::k_ID_Contact ]
.Freeze Window
.Go to Layout [ “Notes” (Notes) ]
.New Record/Request
.Set Field [ Notes::k_ID_Contact; $ID_Contact ]
.Commit Records/Requests [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]
.Go to Layout [ original layout ]
.Go to Field [ Notes::Text ]

Ive uploaded a copy onto Dropbox should you want to take a look -

Login: Admin

Password: Admin

Any help will be much appreciated.