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Question asked by Jeff123 on Dec 2, 2009
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Notes Section




I am now trying to get a notes section in a new database (using a Mac) that looks and acts the same as the one in the "Contact Management" database.  What I am doing is trying to mimic and copy and paste the nessessary fields and tables from that database to the new one.  I am then attempting to use the scripts and the fields as templates to make it work on the new database, but it isn't working at all for me.  What I have is:


Table 1 (called notes):




 Kp_ID (this is what I linked with the main table, Kf_ID... I think it might be my relationship that is screwed up)








Table 2 (main table):

 I only have Kf_ID that is related to the Notes table, no other fields are related


As for script, I have:

 Set Variable [$ID_Contact; Value:Contact Management::k_ID_Contact]

 Freeze Window

 Go to Layout ["Notes_Utility" (Notes)]

 New Record/Request

 Set Field [Notes::kp_ID] 

 Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; No dialog]

 Go to Layout [original layout]

 Go to Field [Notes::Text] 


As for the objects, its all the same as the Contact Management database.  Portal, Edit Box linked to ::Text, and "add note" button (which has the script attached).


Can some one tell me where I went wrong and maybe offer some suggestions to make it work (mind you if it is my relationship, I am clueless on how to fix it).  Or if I didn't give enough information, can someone give me general guidelines on how to do it using generic names where specific would be required. 


Thanks in advanced :)