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    Nothing prints from data fields



      Nothing prints from data fields


      I'm using FM Pro 11 Trial.  I'm using a data base made previously made FM Pro 3 (I know!).  Everything appears to be fine, except for printing reports.  All data looks fine in the Preview, but...

      when it prints, no data from fields print. 

      Headers are fine, footers are fine, static info (labels, lines, etc.) in the body are fine, but no data fields will print.  The footer even prints the right totals, etc.  I can export to Excel or PDF and all data is there.  The problem is with the printing.  I have tried it on two different printers with the same results.

      Any suggestions?

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          What operating system (and what version of that system)?

          Are you printing by selecting print from the File menu or are you running a script that prints the layout? (If you are clicking a button to print, then you are running a script.)

          If you are using a script, check and see if you get the results you want when you select Print from the File menu. That test will tell us if there's an issue with a script or not.

          Here's a knowledge base article on File conversion that you may find useful to read:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

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            I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.  Not running anything through a script at present, just simple print from the report.  Will check out the conversion issue, but doesn't seem like that would be the problem.

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              That is definitely unusual. Most often, when there's a print problem, you see the same results for the hard copy, a preview and the PDF. An obvious issue that we've ruled out is a script that takes the user to a different layout or does some operation that produces an empty found set and then tries to print.

              Do you have any other printers you can try to print to? What printer are you unable to print to here?

              If one printer works and another doesn't, it suggests and issue with that printer and there may be nothing we can do for that printer except make sure to download and install the latest printer driver for it.

              What print options are you selecting when you try to print? Current record? Records being Browsed?

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                I have tried on two different printers - Brother MFC 8860 (laser) and a Canon iP4600 (inkjet).  Same results.  I've also tried "remaking" the report from scratch (new report, dragging the fields in again, etc.) and it produces the same results.  I'm printing with Records being browsed, but also tried "current record" and it will not show the current record either.

                I've downloaded the FM6 to convert first and then to 11, but just now installing.  Will post again after trying that.


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                  Make sure that the fields in the report body do not touch or cross the lines dividing it from other parts such as a header and/or footer.

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                    Installed FM Pro 6.

                    Imported FM Pro 3 file.

                    Printed report.  Looks fine.

                    Closed FM Pro 6 and opened FM Pro 11.

                    Imported FM Pro 6 (.fp5).

                    Printed report.  No data.

                    No lines of data fields touching or crossing the lines dividing the parts.

                    Later will try to uninstall FM Pro 11 and reinstall.

                    Any other ideas?  Is there a list of FM Pro 11 install locations to make sure I get them all deleted before reinstalling?


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                      I now have uninstalled FM Pro 3, FM Pro 6 trial, and FM Pro 11 Advanced Trial.  Reinstalled FM Pro Advanced 11 Trial.  Still having the same problem.  I tried created a new database, importing dummy data, creating simple form (3 fields) and printing.  Same problem.

                      Tried loading FM Pro Advanced 11 on laptop and printing.  Same problem on two separate printers!  HELP!!!!


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                        Create new database from template. Create one record, enter data. Test print. You do realize that the three print options are RECORDS BEING BROWSED CURRENT RECORD BLANK RECORD, SHOWING FIELDS
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                          Yes I realize about the three print options.

                          I have mixed results.  In "Faculty Staff" database things print fine.  In "Contact Manager" database, same problem as before - no data fields print. In my original database, most line item reports will not print data fields, but some price tag reports do print data fields.  Go figure????

                          Still looking for answers.

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                            I discovered what may be the problem, but don't know why it is doing it or how to fix it.

                            When in Layout mode, on the reports that do not print the details of the fields, in the fields themselves, the field name is not showing.  On the reports where the data does appear, the field names are showing inside the field in layout mode.  I have tried double clicking, and the correct field is selected in the window, but when I click OK the name still does not appear in the field.

                            Any ideas as to what causes that?

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                              Try changing the font for these fields to a different font. I'm speculating that your layout is specifying a font that is somehow damaged/corrupted on your system. If so, switching to a different font may make a difference here.

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                                I had already tried that by changing the default font MS San Serif to Ariel, but it appears that maybe the Ariel is damaged.  I tried the Tahoma and it appears to have corrected the problem, at least on one report.  I'll try some more and let you know.

                                Thanks for your time, thinking and solutions!