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    Notification if inventory level drop



      Notification if inventory level drop


      hey all,


      I have a calculated field that tracks inventory levels. "Instock" is calculated by subtracting what is out on jobs from how much we should always have (we don't sell stuff, we use it and return it to storage).


      How could I script an If email notification that would send out notifications if instock levels drop below 15% of what we should always have instock?


      Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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          You'll need to write a script and use one of several tricks to run the script at regular intervals to check your stock levels.


          Something like this.


          Enter Find Mode[]

          Set Error capture [on]

          Set Field [YourTable:: PercentInStock ; "< " & 0.15 ]

          If [get ( Foundcount ) > 0 /* Some inventory low */ ]

            Send Mail

          End IF


          You can set a script like this to run everytime the file is opened, everytime it is closed. You can use an Operating System scheduler to open a file that runs this script once a day, or you can use Install On Timer Script to run the script every so many hours ( or some other specified interval ).


          You could also trigger a script that checks the level of the current item each time some one checks an item out of inventory.