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Novice in FM Pro 11 Advanced needs help for time in and time out features

Question asked by xtremu on Jul 15, 2010
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Novice in FM Pro 11 Advanced needs help for time in and time out features


I am currently working on a database for the gate entry system of our school wherein this system will track the student and employee information/record in the database which will show if they are currently enrolled or not and if they are still an employee or not.  We are using ID barcode for the gate entry to monitor the status of an individual and to record it in our database for the time in and time out activity.  The TIME IN will be done through first ID barcode detection of our system and automatically record the time in of that individual into our database, the second ID detection of our system will be recorded in our TIME OUT field and so on…

The current scenario is that I have two tables, the student table that holds all information about the student and employee records and the history table that holds the check in and checkout time of each individual. I want to provide a portal row in the student table for each individual’s check in and checkout time but it doesn’t work, no time appears in my portal row.

I have already STUDENT ID field that matches in the relationship graph but when I make a portal indicating this two related fields, it does not work. Here are the following tables and fields that I have created:

Student Table


  1. Student info (such as First, Last name, address, contact #., etc)
  2. Student ID – number/auto –enter serial number
  3. Check In Time – Time
  4. Check Out Time – Time

History Table


  1. Student ID – number/ auto-serial number
  2. Check In Time – Time
  3. Check Out Time - Time


I would appreciate any suggestions to make the functionality I described above to work properly.

Thanks and more power to the File Maker Pro 11 Advanced team.