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Novice needs help with design

Question asked by mikeDrennan on Mar 18, 2011
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Novice needs help with design


Hello all...

I hate to be "that guy" but I have a specific goal that I'm trying to accomplish, and I'm very deficient in the FileMaker knowledge to achieve it.  I have studied and studied forums, videos, etc. to try and gain a better understanding, but I can't wrap my head around it and I need help.  This is what I'm trying to accomplish:

In my business, I have a set of criteria that I try to keep track of for every client.  Up to this point, this has been accomplished in a clumsy, inefficient paper based manner.  I have been demoing FileMaker Pro trying to make it work for me, but again, I just can't build the necessary relationships.  My primary table contains several fields:


phone #:

Svc Needed:

Svc Appt'ed:

Recall Needed:

Recall Appt'ed:

New Client:

Followup call 1:  (Date)

Followup call 2:  (Date)

As you can see, each of the fields except "Name", "Phone", and follow up calls are based on a simple YES/NO result.  What I would love to accomplish is to be able to have a sortable, dynamically updating "Call List" based on these criteria:

EITHER "Svc Needed:YES" and "Svc Appt'ed:NO"


"Recall Needed:YES" and "Recall Appt'ed:NO"

Primarily, I am trying to generate a list of those clients who have a service or recall need but have not made an appointment for it.  Clients that meet these criteria will need to be followed up with by phone, 2 weeks after the initial consultation and 4 weeks afterward.  The idea is that the "Call List" would be dynamic, so that if any of the criteria are changed as a result of a followup call (i.e., the client makes an appointment) they will be removed from the call list.  Likewise, after two calls are made, they should be removed from the call list so as not to waste further time following up.

I hope this makes sense; I have no idea if this is a difficult problem to solve or an easy one.  For me, it has proven to be tremendously difficult!  If anyone can offer any help, it would be most appreciated.  Please keep in mind that I am a total novice so details and/or examples would benefit me greatly.  Thanks in advance.