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    Novice needs help! - Time in and time out problem...



      Novice needs help! - Time in and time out problem...


      hey guys,

      I am using filemaker pro 11 advance and preparing the student entry database. I have two tables, student table for student information and history table to record the time in and time out of the students in the portal shown in the student table. If student scan their ID then FM will find that student record and display the status in the student interface and supposedly record the time in and time out automatically and show it in the timein and time out field in the porta respectivelyl. My problem is how to do this, time in and time out doesnt show in the portal. Is there any script or any relationships on this? Thanks in advance.

      student table                               history table

      1. student id                               student id

      2. student number                      check in

      3. firstname                                check out

      4. lastname etc...                        

      relationship via student id = student id


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          You'll need to implement the scanner's interaction with FileMaker correctly and also setup your layout and relationship details to support it.

          Does the scanner operate in Keyboard Emulation Mode? (If you put the cursor in a field and scan, does text appear in the field just as though you typed it?)

          Do you make sure the cursor is in the correct field before the scanned data is received by FileMaker?
          (This is often implemented with script triggers and a "pre-amble" programmed into the scanner.)

          Have you enabled "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the History table side of your relationship?
          (Double Click the relationship line in Manage | Database.)


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            Yes, field for scanner is setup and produce the data already shown in the student table or layout. Allow creation of records via relationship for history is already setup but still no time in and time out appear in the portal.

            Phil what should be the correct type and options for the check in and check out field under my history table for them to provide or produce an automatic timein and timeout in the portal after the students scan their ID.

            Please help guys... thanks in advance.



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              If there's any chance the interval between "in" and "out" will cross the Midnight hour, use TimeStamp fields that automatically enter the date and time. You can use auto-enter settings to enter the "in" date/time. A script is likely necessary to log the "out" time and date. (Set field [ Table::OutField ; Get  ( CurrentTimeStamp ) ] )

              The difference of these two fields will return the elapsed time in seconds if you need that information.