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Novice Populating key fields in related tables

Question asked by Barry_1 on Jan 29, 2014
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Novice Populating key fields in related tables


     Complete novice here, have worked on a Filemaker database before, but now I'm trying to create my first DB from scratch. My terminology and punctuation is probably incorrect and I'm not sure I'm asking the right questions.

     This system would handle the workflow of a printing company. The parent table Jobs will have a unique record for each order from a customer. Each order could have multiple print files to be sent to a printer, each of those print files could have different specifics (size, inks used etc.)

     So I have made a table Digital Prints to handle all of the info specific to a print within an order, which I've included on my layout through a portal.

     I also have an intermediate table Digital Bridge between the two. (To allow for a many-many relationship?)

     I'm using the field Job ID in both the Jobs and Digital Bridge tables as key fields.

     And the field Print ID as the key fields between Digital Bridge and Digital Prints.

     But I cant seem to get  Digital Bridge: :Job ID to auto-populate based on the data in Jobs: :Job ID. Which means I can't get to the point of populating the Print ID key fields and be able to enter data through my portal.

     I have tried making the child key field a lookup and a simple = calculation with no luck.


     Thank you for any help you can provide.