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Novice Question : Exporting container field contents

Question asked by fxdb on Jun 10, 2010
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Novice Question : Exporting container field contents


I have a bit of a novice question regarding exporting container fields.

I have never used this functionality, nor have I needed to, however have recently come up with a purpose for one.


So, I created a global container field and placed a .txt file in it.

I then created a script to export the fields contents, however I get the following message


"Container fields can not be exported"


Right clicking the container field shows "Export Field contents" as greyed out.


So I did a quick search, obviously im missing something here :


Any advice ?



Edit : Hmmm.. I'm guessing there are restrictions on file types this works with, seems to work ok with a .jpg


Edit 2 : Told you it was a novice question.. It seems dragging / dropping a file into a container causes issues, choosing Insert > File works correctly, could this perhaps be classified as a bug ?