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Novice question about paths

Question asked by SeattleSquirrel on Jan 29, 2012
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Novice question about paths & filenaming


I'm a Graphic Designer lost trying to write a simple script - hoping someone can give me the dummied down answer to this, most likely, simple question.

What I need to accomplish:

I work off a Project Dashboard (record layout) and then need to save that record as a pdf on the screen, named as the project # (in my case named: __pkJobID in the database) - BUT it also need to function the same way when my assistant helps me on her computer, but then it should save it to her desktop instead, named the same way.

Script Name: Save Job Order Print PDF Copy

  • Go to layout ["Job Order; PRINTOUT" (Jobs)]
  • Print Setup [Restore; No dialog]
  • Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "00000.pdf"; Automatically open; Current record]
  • Go to Layout [original layout]

In output file path list i currently have just added:

  • filemac:/Mac OS/Users/myname/Desktop/00000.pdf

I know that I need to change this into something relative, but everytime I try, it gives me an error - and I'm the first to admit I'm not familiar with writing paths for scripts. Hoping someone can help!! You will most likely save me hours and hours of testing different variations of the paths.

Very grateful for help!!