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Novice Seeks help with simple relational database...!

Question asked by muntinga on Oct 28, 2009
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Novice Seeks help with simple relational database...!


Dear Filemaker-Pro's and Advanced Users,

I'd really need some help here, because I am trying to create my own database for my clinic (Osteopathy).


- I have patients with all their adress/tel/email/etc details

- each patient comes for a set of treatments (series), a serie is just a "number" connected to the related patient (so: one patient can have many series)

- each serie contains some treatments. Each treatment contains details like notes/date/costs/paid(Yes/No). so: one serie contains many treatments


database picture


can anyone help me here? seems there is a many-to-may relationship... and I REALLY don't get this... :-)))



Edward Muntinga