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Novice: In FMP advanced how do 'runtime' solutions work?

Question asked by phillman5 on Nov 23, 2008
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Novice: In FMP advanced how do 'runtime' solutions work?


I did do a search in this forum first but didn't really see the answer.


I am kind of new to FileMaker, but I did do one fairly complex database 8+ years ago for my own use. I have some questions on implementation. I believe we can use FileMaker Advanced to make a runtime solution. If we use a 3rd party plug-in as part of our solution how does that work? 

Would other employees (we have only 4 total) use a runtime solution just like an application or would they also have to have FileMaker?  Do we only have to purchase one copy of FMP adv?
What about 3rd party plug-ins? Would we have to get four versions or purchase a developer license?  Or do they just become part of the runtime solution?
(We do not plan on distributing our runtime solution)

As you see we are just starting and trying to learn as much as we can before committing ourselves as this is the way to go.