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    Now what did I do?



      Now what did I do?


      I'm a newbie and I have no idea what I have done to cause my layouts to indicate that the Zoom Level is set at 100%, but now everything within the layout has increased in size.

      If I then change the Zoom Level to 75% the fields and everything else within the layout display at the size I originaly created them to be.

      Any idea what I may have done?

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          Sounds like you had the zoom set at 75% when you designed the layout.  If you do not want to change everything on the layout, you could make a script that changes the zoom to 75%, and another script that sets the zoom to 100%.  Open your manage layouts, and on that layout, set the script trigger to On layout Enter perform script set to 75% and then on layout Exit, set to 100%.  If that is the only layout you are having problems with.  Otherwise you may have to rebuild the whole layout at 100% zoom to have the effect you want.

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            Another possibility ... Are anchors on?  They will enlarge the fields if specified to anchor left and right.  See Inspector > Position tab