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Nth Record Bug

Question asked by MorkAfur on Apr 30, 2015
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Nth Record Bug


Apparently, this bug is well known, but I just ran into it.

Here's how to reproduce it:

GetNthRecord function bug

(borrowed the steps below from a posting on

1. Open up FileMaker Pro (current 13 version, Windows or Mac).
2. Create a New Database.
3. Create a new table.
4. Create two fields called Start and Field in the table you have created.
5. Make Start a global number field.
6. Make Field a calculation field, and enter the following calculation: If ( Get (RecordNumber) > 1; GetNthRecord ( Field ; Get (RecordNumber) - 1 ) + Start; test::Start )
7. Place Start and Field on the layout.
8. Choose List View.
9. Enter the number 1 in Start.
10. Press the Command N keys to create a new record. Keep pressing until you reach record number 157.

Then you see the infamous "?" from that point forward.

This bug apparently has already been reported.

Anybody have any ideas when it might be fixed?