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    nth select



      nth select


      I am new to filemaker pro and have found it extremely easy to use for the most part. But I have not been able to find out how to perform a nth select on a found set of data. For example, for a marketing campaign all individuals with the title of V. P. Marketing are selected in the Midwest. This represents a count say of 350 companies and 750 individuals. The marketing department has decided to save on the sale of postage by only mailing to one individual per company. I can export the found set into Excel and perform the one per company function in Excel, but would like to not have to take that extra step every time the marketing department requests one per company for a mailing campaign. Any suggestions how I can achieve this in Filemaker Pro.


      If it is helpful, the database structure is fairly straightforward with a company database and a contact database related to one another by a company key number field. 


      Thanks for any help. 

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          Hi, rowing190


          You don't specify which one of the potential multi-contacts you want to e-mail to.  Can I assume you have no particular preference?  If that is the case, it is easy: just devise a layout in the Companies Table and drag the name, address, etc., fields from the Contacts Table on to it.  It will only show (max) 350 records, because it is being drawn in the Companies Table, and for each of those records will show the first matching record from the Contacts Database.


          If the Marketing department want the list in Excel format then just go ahead and export the fields from that layout.  (Which, of course, leads you to realise you didn't actually have to create the layout at all, but it made the explanation clearer, I think.)


          If you want to preferentially nominate one of the Contact Records it would be easy to do, just ask.


          It also prompts the suggestion that you could print mailing labels directly from FM.


          Hope this helps,