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Null Relationship [ESS]

Question asked by bvondeylen on Feb 14, 2013


Null Relationship [ESS]



     I have a FP12 database where I am using our SIS database (Infinite Campus) tables.


     In FileMaker relationship, I want to find classroom rosters. The relationship I have setup between FileMaker and a roster table from IC is:


     Globals <-> dbo.Roster

     SectionID = sectionID


     Null = endDate


     In Infinite Campus (IC), when a student drops a course, the endDate field has the date they dropped, otherwise the field is empty (null).


     BUT, it appears that FileMaker will NOT match a "null" field. If the field in IC does not contain anything, it will not match a field in FileMaker that does not contain anything (is null).


     Is this a bug, or just the way it is???