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    number for each row



      number for each row


           helloo guys..

           i have a report in my db. every time i click find and results come on my screen (list view) i need a field with number for each row..
           how could it be?

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               If each row is a different record--either records in list view or rows of related records in a portal....

               Enter layout mode.

               Click the text tool and then click the general area on your layout where you need to see this number. (Be sure to click inside the portal row if this is a portal.)

               Select "Record Number Symbol" from the Insert menu to insert a symbol that will display the record number of each record--this will be a number series starting with 1 for the first record in the found set or first portal row.

               If you are using FileMaker 12 or newer and are having trouble fitting this symbol into a portal row, let me know as there are some tricks you can use to get the resulting text to fit where you need it to fit.

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                 thanks man!i didt it! (i dont use portal)