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Number format struggles ...

Question asked by jabs.far on Oct 22, 2014
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Number format struggles ...


Well, Paris being rainy again today

On my layout, I have two fields. They are direct duplicates, one from the other. They are of the RadioButton set type. One field displaying data from what I call a "TEMP" field, from which data is to be transferred to the other field, that contains the "definitive" data, at a later (scripted) phase of data confirmation. They are both number fields (absolute requirement), formatted to display "decimal with two decimals", with separators set to system settings. During my script, I transfer data from one to the other field (Set Field). Bottomline is that the receiving field will not display the number. It will, if the receiving field is formatted to be a normal edit box. I can't seem to wrap my neutron around this one. Any of you seen this behaviour before ?!

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