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Number formatting in calculation

Question asked by DanielSosnowski on Nov 29, 2014
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Number formatting in calculation



I am trying to generate order number in little database that i create. Idea is simple, it will contain initial of user that created order (taken from their account number) and then add 6 digit number based on order ID. This should give  enough numbers to keep them happy for few years. Took me a while to figure out how to extract initial from account name but came up with this

Left ( Get(AccountName) ; 1 )&Left(RightWords(Get(AccountName);1);1)

Simple and effective. The problem i have is with formatting numbers. I remember in my Access days it was rather straight forward matter of formatting it (something along lines of format(text,"000000")) which automatically converted 1 to 000001. Surprisingly i cannot any number formatting formula in calculations. Is there any chance somebody can help with it otherwise i will have to come up with some lengthy formula checking length of number in field and then adding zeros accordingly. There must be easier way to do it.

Any help very appreciated.