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    number of days not calculated correctly



      number of days not calculated correctly


           using the following:

           If (IsEmpty (Day_StartDate); "";
           5*Int((EndDate-StartDate)/7) + Middle("0012345501234544012343340123223401111234010012340";
           7*(DayOfWeek(StartDate)-1) + DayOfWeek(EndDate);1) - Count ( HolidayFallData::Date )
           to calculate the number of school days using a table of holidays and vacations, my calculation is off by one day!  can anyone see the error? For example between 7/1/2014 and 8/11/2014 there is one holiday July 4 and a total of 30 possible school days less 1 holiday it should be 29 but my calc = 28!  Hummm.....