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    Number of Records



      Number of Records


           When I File | Manage | Database | Tables tab each table is listed along with a description "x fields, y records"

           What precisely does "y records" indicate?

           I have a script that imports from one set of tables in one database to the same set in a copy database. All appears to be fine, but when I compare the number of records the destination database has fewer records in some tables. I would have expected it to have the same number of records in all tables.






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               I think I've moved on.

               Can someone confirm the following for me:

               When you import from a Table in one Database to another Table in another Database only the Current Found Set in the source database are imported.

               If that is the case, is there a simple way of Selecting All Records in All Databases?



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                 Hi Mike

                 try the attached - goes through each layout, and shows all records...


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                   OK, it looks better that what I hd planned, thanks.



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                     If the file is open at the time a script does Import Records the found set of the specified source table occurrence is imported. If the file is not open, the same script step imports all records.

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                       Ah, now, I have already been there.

                       If the database containing the source table is not already open when the Import script step runs you are prompted for the user name and password. If, as this case, a number of tables are to be imported then one is prompted for each step.

                       I placed an Open at the start of the script and that doesn't prompt for User Name and Password at all (the source has the same user and password as the target)



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                         The question I need an answer to now is how can I prevent FileMaker asking me for a user and password every import step in a script?

                         If I plave an Open at the start of the script, it doesn't prompt for a user and password, but only imports the last found set in each table, if I don't have the Open SCript step the script pauses every import step to ask for use and password.



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                           I thought that I had posted an answer here already, but now do not see it...

                           You have only the following options as far as I know:

                           Perform a script located in the source file that does a show all records on one layout for each table from which you are going to import records. This script can be performed from a script or button in your target file.

                           Remove the password protection from the source file.

                           Keep entering the account name and password as you are now.

                           If memory serves, you replied to me the last time that I made this suggestion that the source file was a run time file and thus could not be modified. But run time files CAN be modified if you can open the file from FileMaker with a full access password.

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                             OK - I'll have a go at option 1.


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                          I know it is nearly a year since I last posted, but I have had time off for a heart operation and have only just got back to this....

                          How do I remove password protection from the source file?

                          I can create an account that has no password, but I am still prompted for user name and password on every Import step in the script. Having no password speeds up the operation (press Enter each time, rather enter a password and press Enter) but it would be better if I was not prompted at all.