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Number to Text for printing bank checks 2

Question asked by starstuff on Jun 8, 2015
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Number to Text for printing bank checks 2


Hi All!


this question is related to this thread Number to Text for printing bank checks (link)

from the example there, im also trying to get this format ***Eleven Thousand; Two Hundred Fifty Three  and 85/100***

i dont know where to put PhilModJunk's code, i tried adding it below where i remove the cents and it giving me errorss

( Round ( numberfield ; 2 ) - Int ( numberfield ) ) * 100 & " / 100" )



as suggested by TKnTexas

"Just put 3 or 4 asterisks before and after. That will be sufficient to show no tampering."

how and where to add the asterisks in the code? i tried adding it manually in the layout, but when testing it did not adapt to the changing words of the numbers


Thanks you!