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    Numbering in the Database



      Numbering in the Database


      This might be an easy fix, I don't know. I've inherited a filemaker database set up for several hundred numbered samples. Each time a new sample is entered into the database, it is assigned a unique number. However, over time, there have gotten to be problems with this system, because each time an entry is deleted the number that was assigned to it isn't recycled. So, for example, if database entry #7 for sample #7 is deleted and then reentered into the database, the entry number is now #8 for tube #7. These deletions and frame shifts have built up over time, leading to an incredible confusing and innacurate correlation between tube number and entry number.


      Is there an easy fix for this, or is it going to require renumbering the whole database by hand?

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          Check out the Replace Field Contents.


          One of its options is to replace the contents of a specified field with a serial number. Simply pull up the set of record you need to update, sort them and then use this option (it's in the records menu) to assign your serial numbers.


          Since this can change the values for a lot of records all in one step, you might want to save a back up copy before you try this one out just in case you get unexpected results.


          Note that if this number is used as a key to link to related records, this tool will NOT update the related records. If this is the case, you would need to create and run a script to update it.